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Paul Whiteley, PhD, is a researcher in autism fairly well known (or at least he likes to think so) for his investigations looking at the use of dietary intervention for autism spectrum conditions.

With a University educational background built up in the North East of England based in Psychology, he’s spent over 15 years of his subsequent postgraduate research career examining various aspects of autism and has authored over 20 peer reviewed papers on the topic including the results of experimental trials of the gluten- and casein-free diet for children with autism.

He has a passion for science and the accurate communication of science forged during his doctoral studies and nurtured by various teaching duties and conference presentations. This led him to set up a blog about various facets of autism research as well as writing for several lay and professional journals and magazines on various science related topics. The importance of food and diet to mental health and wellbeing represents the centre-point to his career, and how the relationship between food and our physiology goes so much further than mere subsistence and physical health.

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