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Science is all around us.That is observation, experimentation and the gathering of evidence as part of the process of science. It’s these processes which inform questions and hypotheses about who and what we are. With that most value of commodities in mind – life - science is also starting to provide insight into how health and ill-health come about and the potential value of certain medicines or interventions in treating various facets of ill-health as and when it happens.

Even with a complicated and highly varied condition like autism, science continues to inform us about the potential underlying reasons of how and why autism might come about. It also provides tantalising insights into how we might be able to relieve some of the more distressing aspects of autism and positively impact on quality of life.

But science can be a complicated affair. In the age of soundbites and social media, the sheer quantity of science being produced, the technicality which often accompanies science and the variable quality of the reporting of science can sometimes contribute to inaccuracy and distortion.

At The Autism Food Club we will cut through the volumes of sciences produced and provide you with a simple roundup of the important science relevant to autism. Jargon-free and provided in bite-sized chunks, we’ll provide regular updates about how science is informing us about autism and importantly, how that science is being practically translated into improving quality of life for those on the spectrum.

Science made simple.